Educational Products

Consistent with our mission to raise awareness about the dangers of drowsy and fatigued driving through community engagement, education, research, and advocacy, we have developed various educational products relevant to specific high risk groups.  These educational materials may be found under the specific listings below. We continue to add new material as it is developed.


Law Enforcement

Through grant funding, our experts completed a data collection project, that informed the development of  educational modules specific to law enforcement personnel addressing sleep health and drowsy driving . The links for education al modules can be seen below.

Addressing Health and Safety of Law Enforcement Personnel Presentation

Prevention of Drowsy and Fatigued Driving Presentation (Includes 2020 NY State LEO Data)

The Impact of Sleep on Overall Health Presentation (Includes 2020 NY State LEO Data) 

Sleep and Health Podcast 


Young Adults

Through grant funding, our experts were able to complete a data collection project, that informed the development of a Stop Drowsy Driving curriculum, targeting young adults. The links for curriculum and associated users manual can be accessed below.

Prevention of Drowsy Driving Curriculum Manual 

Prevention of Drowsy Driving Curriculum Presentation





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